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Product Serial:JM-705SF-W
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Product Description


▊RV 8” LED Round Light Dual mode with On/Off Switch

12V 24V LED Dome Light Cabin Light Ceiling Light Surface mount

Suitable for RV, Trailer, Camper, Boat, Caravan and 1224V vehicles


This 8” LED round light is ideal for interior cabins of RV, caravan, motorhome, yacht, boat or other 12/24VDC vehicles. It includes 84 x 3020 SMD LEDs for primary light and 12x 3020 SMD LEDs for secondary light, and is equipped with a memory IC to shift the light mode by single switch easily. Surface mount for easy installation. Remove lens to access screw holes.


  1. Ideal for caravans, RV, trailer, camper and boats.
  2. Dual mode - Main full light and night light for different applications.
  3. Easy to switch dual mode.
  4. 3 wires: Red/black for power, White for controlling the lamp remotely.
  5. Glow-in-the-dark button, visible in the dark.
  6. Life – 50,000 hours, compared to 1,200 hours for incandescent bulbs. 


  1. Supply Voltage: 12/24V(10-30V)  DC
  2. Average Current: 600mA/Max@12V; 320mA/Max@24V 
  3. Power Consumption: 7.2 Watts@12V; 7.7 Watts@24V 
  4. Switch: On/Off Switch with Glow-In-The-Dark button
  5. Sequence: 
    - > On (Full light) - (hold 2 seconds) Night light - Off
    - > (hold 2 seconds) Night light - Off / On (Full light) - Off
  6. Full  light LED: 84 × 3020 SMD LED (Cool White / Warm White)
  7. Night light LED: 12 × 3020 SMD LED (Blue / Red / Warm White)
  8. Housing: PC, White / Silver
  9. Lens: PC, Clear Diffuser / Opaque Diffuser
  10. Size: 199.2mm(7.84")(D)×24.2mm(0.95")(H)
  11. Mounting: Mounts directly on any flat surface



LED color(Main light)

LED color(Night light)

JM-705S-W White housing w/ Clear Diffuser Cool White / Warm White  Blue / Red / Warm white
JM-705S-S Silver housing w/ Clear Diffuser Cool White / Warm White
Blue / Red / Warm white
JM-705SF-W  White housing w/ Opaque Diffuser  Cool White / Warm White
Blue / Red / Warm white
JM-705SF-S Silver housing w/ Opaque Diffuser  Cool White / Warm White
Blue / Red / Warm white


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